Literature for Change

Deadline: December 1st
Contact: Rebecca Young, Editor

Seeking Essays for an Environmental Education Resource

Essays submitted should explore the ways a particular author or text/film handles an environmental concern. Topics should be related to an environmental or climate-based concern which the literature helps frame but may also be focused on patterns of human behavior that underlie or contribute to a concern—for example, studying the merits of scientific progress and human ambition in relation to effects on social connections and the natural environment.

Generally, topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: pollution (air, water, or soil); food (growth, production, distribution, or waste); climate migration and climate-related natural disasters; health and nutrition; species extinction or preservation; habitat conservation or loss; genetic engineering and GMOs; impacts of plastic trash; deforestation; biodiversity concerns (ecosystems, food, species, medicinal resources); agricultural concerns (including land use, animals raised for food, climate changes); natural resources (distribution or loss of); human behavior relating to each other, other species, or the planet (population, consumption, innovation, technology, politics, economics, social or virtual connections, local and global citizenship).

Please contact Rebecca with any questions.

Posted on October 6, 2019